Summer Party 2012

Every year my company puts on an event for us all (2 of the offices in the group get to go together)

This year they put on a Summer Party, everyone gets a +1 and you can bring your children, dog or both.. 

I took my cousin Steph and the Twins along as Mike was working, the weather was crazy that day, seriously windy but sunny...

Ice cream van, Booze tent, BBQ, Bouncy castles
Cocanut Shy ... i look like a right wierdo..
Dunk tank... didnt see any managers in there lol

BBQ food yum!

Twins and there winnings...
Yummy Mummy Steph! ♥
Babies x 2 ♥♥
It was a really nice couple of hours out socialising and meeting up with collegues seeing them in a different enviroment with their partners, husbands, wifes, kids etc... And it was even better to spend quality time with Steph as we dont get it often.

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