Cheeky Forever 21 Sale Haul

Is this a Haul or more of a small cheeky purchase... who knows, you decide.

I can not resist a F:21 sale... so many bargains to be had, and they went straight into my Virtual Basket!

Dog not included.
I spent a grand total of £30, and i got 2 pairs of shoes, 2 belts and a top!!

I wanted these shoes since before christmas although i was looking at them in the Mustard colour, im glad i got the red, they are so eye catching!

These gorgeous shoes were £11.99 reduced from £22.99! BARGAINS! They are so comfy to walk in too, which now makes me wonder why i didnt get wedges sooner.

Next up i got 2 skinny belts each was 99p..

I got them both in Med/Large, and they are a bit on the big side for me, which is amazing, but annoying at the same time.. (^_^)

Next i couldnt resist a pair of sandals... £5.99 they middle section looks like metal but its actual a silver coloured plastic kind of thread, which is good as it wont go rusty. I also like the way the toe post is covered in plastic so no blisters inbetween these toes people!!

I forgot to take a picture of the top, but you can see it in the bottom left of th above photo. Its short sleeved, short at the front and longer at the back and baggy... Im sure that really helps you visulise it.. haha

I did also order another pair of sandals that i loved... and im saddend to say after i ordered and paid, they then emailed me to say 'Im sorry your items out of stock' ... Well im sorry but why the F&^% did you let me order them and dream about wearing them and then break my heart!!! lol

So they refunded my £5.99 and i only got the one pair of sandals... sigh.

I Still <3 Forever 21 though... i'l let them off just this once.



My brother is 19 today!

& its my Birthday tomorrow!!!

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  1. Nice haul :D and happy birthday to your brother, and yourself! xo


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