Wishlist 1: Ikea

Ikea Summer items are my favourite, they are so colourful and happy!

Barbar Tray - £4.99 each.. I love both, but preger flowery one on the right,

Forsommar Plant pots £1.99 each - Love theone on the Left

How can this picture not inspire you!!! ... *dreams*

Oooooh pretty... Godis Glasses small flower print £4.99 for 6.

Love the simplicity of these... i'd go for the Blue - Vaken £3.99 4 pack.

Cute Bell flower Campanula - £3.29

My fav Glasses Godis - £4.99 - If i get to an ikea soon im picking these up!
They would seriously make my jack daniels taste even better... So pretty :)

All of the above can be seen.. (although i dont think purchased online... ) on www.ikea.co.uk

Oh i love you Ikea... I wish you weren't an hour's drive away. *sniff*

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