My 25th Year on the planet...

Sorry... How old.. where did the last 10 years go?
 It was my 25th Birthday yesturday, i dont know how i feel about being 25... I kind of feel grown up, mature, but also immature and Young... its a mixture of feelings really. I sometimes feel i havent accieved anything in my life, then i feel like i have... Im married, have my own property, have dogs, have a good job.. But then i think, well i dont have a Full driving licence, i dont have kids, I havent been on all the holidays i want, or have the Salary i want. I guess we can never have everything we want in the time scale we want, but at the end of the day you will suceed at some point if you put your mind to it. Thats way i see it any way... and that makes me feel better about being 25.

I went out to an all you can eat chinese and Indian buffet called Mimosa which was so nice! There was alot more of us than in the picture above but they had left already by the time we went. I had a really nice Cocktail 'Lynchburg Lemonade' 

Spilt some of it, then forgot to take a pic until i had practically finished it!
Its basically Jack daniels, Triple Sec Lemonade and Lime, and its totally yummy!

My food was even yummier...

Buffet's always make you eat random foods.

I decided to buy a new top with my Birthday Money, i went to Newlook and had an awful experience trying to try some tops on... apparently they were 'Too busy' to let me try anything on and couldnt provide good customer service by manning the fitting rooms... o_O 

Here is what i wore for my b-day night out...

Tops was £8 in Newlook sale, Legging were from Next, Pauls boutique bag was a present & Marks and spencer shoes were also a present.
Newlook Necklace £5.99 ♥
I had such an amazing night with the best people, i got some lovely cards and gifts. ♥

Opened my laptop to find this note from Mike :) ♥

 I have such awesome family... or do i?

The Little mermaid card looks so lovely and innocent on the front.. but on the inside it says

'Happy birthday to a real Trash bag' ... Good job they made up for it with an amazing present! haha

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