Maxfactor freebie!

When i went shopping with Katy the other week, Katy had a splurge in Boots and got this free Gift.

The cutest Metal Union Jack tin, the minimum spend was £15 to get it free (and its still on offer in Boots now)

Here is what was inside ..

Maxfactor Micracle creamy touch Blusher in Soft Pink - For a sample size i think this will last a while as you need to use it sparingly it goes a long way, and is very Rosy!

Masterpiece Max High volume & Definition Mascara..

Mini Mascara ♥

Nice size Brush
Before Mascara

After with the Mascara
I think the Mascara is a nice every day where for work, but if i was going out i would want more volume than this.

Next Sample was the Colour collections Lipstick in English Rose

 There was also a Small Nail varnish in Red but Katy kept that and gave me the rest, which was cool as i have so many reds already.

Im still yet to find a use for the tin, but its just hanging out on my bedside table cheering the place up :)


  1. I got this free gift, I wasn't too impressed with it! x

    1. I cant complain as i was given it free from my friend, but after using the products i dont think much of them.. (O_o) x


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