Boots No.7 Bargain!

It was a typical Payday weekend, i was mooching about Boots trying to get some essentails and trying not to give into my urge to buy more make up..

Then i found one of them Boots No.7 £5 off vouchers just shoved on a shelf with someones scrunched up reciepts, so i chucked it in my basket and carried on perusing the delights of boots. 

I picked up some essentials like Nivea face wipes 3 packs for £5.. (although i later realised they were only £1.30 a pack in Wilkinsons! grr) I also picked up some Carex hand sanitizer which has Aloe vera in it, & gets rid of Nasties... I have to be careful where i live as there are all sorts in my building and i dont want to pick up any germs or anything on my hands!

My other essential is the Eylure Eyebrow shapers, amazing little wax strips that are already pre-shaped you stick one above, one below and rip them off, and ta-daaaa perfect brow! ♥

I picked up a Soap & Glory Daily Double eye crayon which ill do a seperate post about...

I then decided it was time to check out the No,7 products as there was not any old ladies taking up the whole display looking at skincare... I saw a lady crouched down painting a sample of 'Beanie' onto her nails, and my eyes popped out my head and i literally went ... 'Ooooh i really like that' she looked up at me and was a bit taken back, and said 'you need to apply two coats' then she walked off... slightly odd.. haha

No.7 Beanie Nail varnish
These are £7 each, they say Quick drying high gloss finish.. So i got it for £2 with the £5 off voucher i found in store! woo

Then... i saw this colour...

No.7 Vivid Purple Nail Varnish

I did a quick mental memory check of what colours i had, and whether i had a metallic purple...and scan came back Negative.. i did not own a metallic purple.. so this bad boy went into the basket too. 

This is where the bargain part comes in.. i figured that as i was spending over £5 i would get another £5 off voucher for No.7, yeah i know im a genius.. 

So i paid for the first lot, then happpily took my reciept and voucher, then swiftly put the Purple nail varnish into the counter and paid £2 for the second polish!

In total i saved my self £10 on just the Nail vanishes... B-A-R-G-A-I-N!!

So im a happy camper now and have my nails prepped and primed ready for a new colour, decisions decisions!

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  1. I've bought two No7 nail polishes with the vouchers as well, £4 instead of £14, ultimate winner! xo


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