Stylist Pick Experience

I had heard of Stylist pick from the tv adverts where they advertise Cheryl coles range, they didnt really catch my eye, i just though i'd have a look what it was about...

I learnt from the first page of the website that you get;

  •  'FREE UK DELIVERY!!!' this is always a winner with me.
  • Free UK returns
I signed up to the website, and did the style quiz.. then i left it at that, I regulary get their newsletter which shows you the latest items they have to offer, but i always have a quick browse then delete it. However when i saw one that said SALE.. i was on the website quicker than you can blink.

I was swooning over the shoes and bags they had for £10-£20... and i decided to spend some birthday money on a pair of wedges..

In a nice large box..

I ordered on 8th July (Sunday night) and the order arrived by courier Thursday 12th July... not bad considering its free Postage. So nicely packaged inside, totally didnt expect it to be such nice quality.

I love the way you get a sticker of what your item is, it will make it so much easier to find them in my wardrobe! ANd how nicely wrapped is the shoe box, it literally was a birthday gift haha!

And here are the beauties!

 I love them.... so much so i was mentally planning a night out somewhere so i can wear them. :-D

They were £20 in the sale, which is pretty good, they feel really good quality even though they are not real leather. I'd rather they were'nt anyway as dont want to harm any animals!

Go check stylist pick out, as there are pretty fab and i'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more sales and there new collections!

*i wasnt paid or perked for this just wanted to say how happy i was with the experience.


  1. These are really cute! I had a bit of a gander at the sale too, some amazing bargains! But the things I wanted weren't available in my size!

    Lola ..x

  2. Wowee! These are amazing, I'll definitely be giving these a look :-)

    Lucy x


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