Presenting the Presents... 25th Birthday present Haul

As it says on the tin...

I got so many amazing gifts, not all photographed, but i am a very lucky girl and appreciate everything i ever recieve from anyone, i find it over whelming as i love to buy gifts for people and make their birthdays special, i find it amazing when people spend the time to celebrate with me ♥

My new Pauls Boutique Sacha Satchel in Teal. ♥
Dvd's & Maroon 5 album THE best present ever!!!

Momiji Dolls, Hello kitty of course and lovely stationary.

 I cannot stop looking and fiddling with all my pressies, im so happy. I even went out and bought my friend a birthday present today! haha i cant get enough!


  1. The Momiji Dolls are so cute! I hope you had a wonderful birthday xxx


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