Diary of a Weight Watcher: Week 8

So this week i have done no exercise, not planned exercise anyway. I did however goto London and do god knows how many miles walking on the underground, getting off the tube a stop early and walking the rest. I helped my cousin move house so that involved lots of walking about and lifting. 

I didnt eat particullay well, i had a few naughty dinners, but i generally stuck to the plan. I didnt track my meals though... tsk tsk.

I was prompted to measure myself in the last group meeting, so i did that tonight and im quite pleased to learn that i have lost 8.5 inches overall. 

I have lost inches from - (i use a website called JSF Bodyshop)

Measurement Variances (in)
Upper Arms

I dont see who i have put half an inch on my neck... bit wierd..Fat neck! haha

But check out those inches that have gone since i first even used the website on November 2010 - most of the inch loss has been since i started weight watchers though which is amazing!

Im noticing the weight loss this week though, my coller bone feels more prominent, and i feel thinner... i dont feel like i have such a big belly, it feels flatter! :)

My main aims this week are to get 1.5lbs off if i can so i can get another silver 7 award! then  it means i've lost 1 whole stone! woo - So here is to Good another week! *pats self on the back*

Starting Weight - 12st 7.5lbs
Current weight - 11st 9lbs
                                                              Total loss so far - 12.5lbs 
Goals so far - Silver 7 & 5% Goal

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