Soap & Glory Mini Haul

I saw that boots has an offer on, spend minimum of £10 on Soap & glory and get a FREE Foam Call shower/bath foam. Well im up for a freebie, I wanted to get the Fab Pore which was £8, and then i got the Mini Face massager.

£4 and amazing with my face cleanser!

I decided to get the Fab Pore as its meant to be like a 15 min facial peel, and my pores have been awful lately, so i got mike to be my guinea pig and try this out for 15 mins and it seemed to make his skin smoother. So we'll see how it works for him this week, then i'll try it next week.

from Boots - £8

 Its a white colour and kind of paste like, you only use a grape sized amount and rub it in to squish the green balls inside it.

Kinda see the green balls in this pic very slightly
I managed to grab the last Foam Call !!! would have been a wasted trip to boots otherwise.. even though its only over the road from where i live... haha

I think Foam call is sold for £6.50 so i made a good saving there, especially as its 500ml of bodywash!
a bottle of 250ml body wash lasts us over a month when we use a shower puff, so this will last a long time, which means i get to smell the Fruit-i-go fragrance for ages! yay

I also earnt my self double points, and 150 extra advantage card points due to spending over £15! Bonus!
(i bought some make up too which is why it was over £12 for it all.)


  1. you're right, it is the exact same as the Sephora one I purchased! albeit a touch cheaper, I believe yours would work out to be about $6 Canadian. however, your VAT is included and ours taxes are not, so in fact mine was significantly more pricey! grr :(

    1. Typical isnt it! haha our tax is alot higher here though at 20%!
      So think yourself lucky. I only bought it to get over the minimum spend too! :) - thanks for your comment x


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