How Bronze is too Bronze...

I decided that i needed a bronzer, but me being not too make up savvy was a bit over whelmed at how many there are in the shops!! So i decided not to spent to much and try out an MUA bronzer, in Shade 3.

When i got home and swatched it i was like Woah! thats dark.... But after putting a bit on my face i was pleasantly surprised. I dont plan on putting loads on, but im putting a little bit on to make me look browner and have a healthy glow. I like this bronzer as it doesnt have any shimmer in it.

I did want the Mosiac Bronzer, but she didn't have any in the two Superdrugs i looked in! Bad Super drug!

I ended up being naughty and buying another Bronzer from Boots by their brand 17. I love it, its like little nuggets!

Now it cost me £4.99 or maybe £4.49 i cant remember, I like the Pinky colour it has as well as the Bronze, it does have a bit of glitteryness in it, but for a nice night out it would be alright. Im glad its wash off.. wouldnt want it to be permanant now would we...  On another note oooh how pretty it is.... I cant help but pick up the little Nuggets and look at them.. im a wierdo i know.. haha

I decided to go for the too bronze look to test both out at the same time...

I look like i've been on the sunbeds too much! haha - unless thats how my face should look with Bronzer..
I doubt it.. but oh well. more youtube-ing it up to learn how to apply it i guess.

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