Diary of a weight watcher Week 7

Week 7

 I have been so good this week, sticking to my daily allowance as much as possible, i have had a couple treat dinners but all have been pointed and gone into my 49 weekly points, so i have stuck by the rules. I have noticed that im not so hungry and my stomachs obviously shrinking again which is good news!

I have been eating nice lunches, Tuscan Bean soup 1/2 can is only 3 points, then i have 2 slices of Weight Watchers branded bread at 1pp each.

My Easter treat i forgot to blog about... 4pp each egg - 2 pp for bread slice + slithering of butter i forgot to point. Total= 6ish...

 I'm getting seriously boring, but i love this dinner, Veggie burger 2pp, Rice sensations 6pp, tomato & runner Beans 0 & Light Philadelphia 1pp. Total= 9pp. This is such a filling dinner so tasty too!

The Naughty stuff...

Potato waffles - 2pp each (not so bad!) 1/2 tin of Beans 4pp, extra light mature cheddar - 3pp
Total = 9 pp

Naughty naughty me... I had 100g of Mintilicious ice cream from tesco which was 6pp, i got a bit greedy and ate most before i took the picture haha.

I was so excited all day thinking about getting weighed.. i must be the only person who gets excited.. haha - i knew I'd been good, even with the odd treat, and i had done one 5 mile power walk,  As soon as i got to weight watchers i had butterfly's as i was just thinking *fingers crossed* i can get that 1/2 lb off to get my 5% goal, but NO people, i got 2.5lb off this week!!! wooot wooooot!!

*Does the fist punch dance* punch punch punch*

I now only have to lose 6lb to get to my 10% goal! serious achievement, this diet is so easy anyone can do it, i don't buy any 'special' diet food, its all about your portion size.

I was given a 5% goal booklet

Basically this booklet helps you keep motivated by writing down your 'top 5 habits for weight loss' Mine are:

1) Walk more
2) Weight my food - to point it correctly!
3) Have Treats - Helps me not break the 'rules'
4) Eat Fresh raw food with every meal - (i Add a handful of raw spinach to most my lunches)
5) Plan what i eat for Lunch times so i can eat healthy and within points even though im in a rush.

Most days im having more than 27 points (my daily allowance) so im finding that im going into my weekly allowance more, but i think this is working as i tend to save the points for a Tuesday night treat, which then sends me off the rails for the rest of the week, so so far so good, here is to next week - Lets see if i can get my next silver 7... only another 3lb to go to get it.

Starting Weight - 12st 7.5lbs
Current weight - 11st 10.5lbs
                                                              Total loss so far - 11lbs 
Goals so far - Silver 7 & 5% Goal

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