Pictures from my week..

Just a few pics from my week, all a bit random..

 Our kitchen looking like a tornado swept through emptied the cupboard, made all the dishes dirty then flew off... Its bloody hard to keep on top of it when your barely home!

 I sorted my make up out, and I've come to realise i have about 3 eye shadows... Need more.. Soapy & glory palette is on my wish list!  

 A full fridge! We did our pay day stock up, i have re-stocked healthy food so i can crack back on with my weight watchers diet. :)


Free Coffee samples & 75p off voucher! Ooohhh nice! (i dont actually like coffee, but mike couldn't bear to live without it! lol)  
Self portrait of me trying out the Pore perfection by Soap & Glory, have to say it smells Rank but it seems ok so far!

Told you the week was a tad random...


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