Diary of a Weight Watcher: Week 6

Ok Ok.. i haven't posted for a while, im not making excuses but i've had a lot going on and the last thing i needed was to fork out the fee, and find things to eat within my point range. So last week i went back to weight watchers, and i had lost 1.5lbs! Yay!!

Basically i didnt stick to the plab fully whilst i was not going to the weekly meetings, but i still made sure i didnt break the rules too much. I still had a healthy 5pp breakfast, and a lunch of about 8 or 9pp. I did snack occasionally, but i didnt go too crazy, My main problem was my evening meals, i didnt point them and just ate what i wanted. It was always in the back of my mind though that i had to be good, and still adhere to the rules as best as i couldnt, even though i couldnt be bothered... if that makes sense.

Here is a few pics of my lunches i ate, and ill tell you the points:

Weight watchers Mushroom and wedges meal 6pp, i added 2 mushrooms and handful of fresh spinach.
Birdseye Med rice 6pp, runner beans 0, Tesco veggie burger 2 pp, total= 8pp.
See its really easy to make a nice dinner, and yet it looks filling and yummy. I really dont find the diet hard, its the motivation thats hard work. Me and Katy kept ourselfs busy by exercising a few times a week even though i wasnt completly adhereing to the diet plan.. We did 2 walks a week, quite brisk walks which were enough to make you feel a bit achey in the leg the next day.

Here is the route we did, 1, or sometimes 1.5 or once we even did 2 laps of the Polo field! woo

As you can see the markers say 2, in total its 2.6 miles. I accidently lied to katy and said it was 1.6 around once.. oops!
So we did even more than we thought! GO US!! woooo (I blanked out the road names, as to be honest i dont want any wierdo's greeting us on our evening walks.. haha)

This post was just an update on what i have been doing, and to say i havent given up, i just had a blip, but im getting back on track with the motivation.

My tips for Motivation... 

  • Throw away / charity shop / Sell all clothes that are too big for you!!!! (why keep them, your not going to fit in them again are you... NO your not! ;) 
  • Stick a photo of you at your slimmest on the fridge, or stick some photos of clothes or a bikini you would like to get into on the fridge, or in your purse as a visual reminder!
  •  Think of a reason you want to lose weight or get healthy, and write it down. That way when you get times of feeling un motivated you can read it and think, I CAN DO THIS!
I still need to work on my motivation to do more exercise, i want to get back down the gym, just not on my own! Too much effort to get to my gym as walking means i have to go down a long road with woods either side and its too scary and risky at night time... *sigh*

Starting Weight - 12st 7.5lbs
Current weight - 11st 13lbs
Total loss so far - 8.5lbs 

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