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Its been said that i have a slight youtube addiction... I have used youtube for quite a while, but over the last 6 months i have got a bit of an addiction... I watch youtube videos on my smart phone, i have a list of people im subscribed to and i watch every video they upload. I thought i would share my favourite youtubers... :)

I have 32 subscriptions..And my favourites in no particular order are..

My first subscription was to Blndsundoll4mj - Trish Payatas.. shes so quirky and says it how it is, i like that she doesnt give a crap what people think of her! :) (Click her to view her Channel)

Next up i beauty youtuber i like is MissGlammorazzi, her real names Ingrid and i like her beauty vids, and i love her passion for panda's.. Shes got another channel (click here) which is called Gridmonster, shes a gamer and a Nerd, which i love as So am i!

I also watch Ingrids boyfriends videos, Luke. He is a musician and a singer/ songwriter. I love the videos of him and ingrid together as they crack me up!

He seems to have 3 channels, so click up there ^ for the first one.  Then this channels called LukeConard
Then there is another channel called LukeConard2

 I also found the channel of Joey Graceffa who is a friend of Luke and Ingrids, he is so cute, (in a little brother way... i have to say that in case the husband is reading! haha) He loves all things Anime and especially Totoro Anime in Japan. I like his quirky videos, and his grandpa voice.. But i also like it when he does serious video's about his childhood.

Are you getting bored yet?? So many cool people on youtube i have to share...

Fleur De Force  is another super cool youtuber, shes lives in the UK, and is friends with the 3 youtubers above! (everyone seems to know everyone in this youtube community! haha) Fleur has a beauty channel and a Vlog channel, the beauty one is first, the Vlog is the second one below.

Fleurs Vlog channel

Last and certainly not least...

My latest Youtube Love is Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter , shes so down to earth and so random, just like me! She is the sort of person i would love to be friends with. Her videos are so funny, and she seems to have an awesome sense of humour.. watch to find out!!

So there is a round up of some of my favourites, I could have posted more but i went with the people who are regular posters. You should deffo go check them all out as they are all a good watch!


  1. Louise and Fleur are my faves too,i just started my own called littlemissstyleguru,i would love to become as big as them one day it would be ace,thanks for the great blog and love your page btw xxx

  2. I watch Mizzglamorazzi, Fleur de Force and Sprinkle Of Glitter too! <3


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