Life Update: April 2012

Thought it would be good to write a little post about my Life. Like a quarterly update! :)

I started the Year with a funeral which was Lame, and sad, and everything in between. But it gave me a kick up the bum to do SOMETHING with my life instead of working in a position just because i liked my collegues. I wasnt going anywhere in the Job role i was doing, and i knew pretty much everything there was to know, so i straightened a few things out and went for Promotion. I decided to do something i had not much knowledge in, but i could use some skills from the Job i was doing now to help me with the role i wanted SO badly.

So i applied for an internal position at the company i work for, and after an hour and half interview (Which should have been 1hour) I got called in for a meeting the next day to say I GOT THE POSITION!!!

I was then told i would be starting the Next day... AGHH. I was glad i went straight into training, rather than waiting a month or so, that would have sucked big style!

As you already know i started weight watchers at the beginning of the Year-ish, think it was february to be exact, and im doing suprisingly well, 11lbs off to date which im so pleased about :)

I've Been in contact with a school friend alot, and we goto weight watchers together, and go walking sometimes, which is so cool. I love seeing my friends more, i just feel a bit hectic with my work routine and home etc at the moment so need to fit in time for everyone.. Its quite hard work having a busy life... But i wouldnt change it at the moment.

So my Goals for the next Quarter are basically to carry on as i have been, but i want to be BETTER, and more full of knowledge in my job, and chase the monies, and Lose weight slowly and gradually and get healthier by the winter time, or whenever, there isnt a rush as im just doing it for me.

 I'd love to know if anyone else has any Goals they set for the year?

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