Another free sample: Nivea

I got one of those freebie sachets of moisteriser in my magazine for the Nivea Q10 anti aging moisteriser, then somewhere i saw an offer to add Nivea on facebook and they will post a sample out to you. There was me thinking i would get another sachet, but No No Noooo , i got 3!!! one sachet lasted me for 2 days!

I used the sample for 2 days and in that time (a short time in know.. ) but it made a difference, it kept my skin perfect all day, i didnt get the random dry patches on my face come the afternoon time. The other plus is that it has SPF 15 uva & uvb protection. Which is perfect for me as i like to have sun protection on all the time.
My only question is.. Is it too young to use this at 24 .. (nearly 25..ahh ) Or is this something i would be better off using when im in my 40's? Hmmmm If anyone knows please tell me! :)

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