MUA Mini Haul

There was an awesome offer on the Facebook page for MUA (click here for their page)
It was basically order what ever you want (and pay postage) and get there immaculate collection palette FREE!

I wanted a palette for a while but not one superdrug i've been into actually had one in stock, most superdrugs displays are shockingly bad and do the Brand no justice what so ever. If it hadnt been for other girls blogs i wouldnt even know about their make up! - which is a shame as no one i know or mention it to has even noticed it in superdrug!! (of course i tell them all about it all the time... )

This is what i bought which came to a grand total of ... *drum roll please* ....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

£6.95 ! inc postage... (you can not get better than that for make up, and good quality make up! )

Isnt that the most colourful amazing picture... ahhhh loveliness!

So here is what i bought and the links on there you can buy them ...

24 shade immaculate collection - I got it free with the Facebook Code, but retails at £8

The Postage was £2.95 and got here within 2 days of ordering, thats impressive!

How gorgeous are they!!!
Very nice Pigments, the Golds one of my fav's!
Shade 2 - pressed face powder
I've never used face powder before... yep a face powder virgin! But this stuff is amazing, feels really light on my skin. I dont like the feel of foundation it feels too chalky on my skin and i dont really need much coverage, this is the stuff i've been searching for all my life! *thumbs up*

Just the right coverage for my skin.

I have to say this colour wasnt what i was expecting, i did think 'wow thats a bit barbie pink' but when you swatch it (and wear it) you can layer it to be as bright as you want. I wore it as more of a sheer colour which gave me a nice sugary pink colour.

Swatch of the Shade 4 lipstick
The felt tip eyeliner is amazing, so easy to drawer on although i am getting the knack for it now after some practise.

So thats my Mini Haul... Unbelieveable that you can get such good make up for such little price. I am very impressed with the quality.

*I wasnt paid or perked for this post, i paid with my own very worn out debit card, this is entirrely my own opinion. I blog it because i love it!


  1. great haul! I like the lipstick shade :)

  2. How did you get the palette free? Is the code still available or? xo

  3. LOVE MUA! I can never go in a superdrug store without coming out with something from there! Such good prices too! Would love it if you could take a look at my blog -

  4. Still haven't tried any MUA products. May have to give them a whirl - it'd be a crime not to since it's so cheap!

    Lola ..x


    1. You should definatly give them a go, although better to buy online than in store, the displays are usually really bad in superdrug. x


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