Soap & Glory Bargains!

I have added more to my collection...

I use the website called Bigwardrobe for clothes swaps (another post on that later in the week)

And some people sell things on there as well as swap, i had a quick search for Soap & Glory and this is what came up!

It cost me £6 for two brand new products including postage, which would usually cost £11.90!

I have to say i have used the Scrub your nose in it, and i think its brilliant, its very similar to an Avon Clearskin face scrub we have used. Its Blue, with a fine scrubby grit feel to it, and it smells like Mint!

You literally use the amount above (pea sized) scrub into your T-zone, and branch out to your cheeks etc and you can either wash straight off, or leave for 3 mins, I prefer to leave for 3 mins as it makes your face so revitalized, then wash off and your skins all exfoliated and looking healthy. The scrub your nose in it is £7.40 for 125ml tube. Click here to order from 

The other item i recieved was the 'Off your face' cleansing facial wipes. I have seen these in boots for ages, and always thought 'they must be amazing wipes' for £4.50 i've always put off buying them. You get 25 in a packet, they are re-sealable to keep them moist, but to be honest the plastic seal is rubbish, it comes away from the plastic packet and doesnt really keep them sealed. But still i soldier on .. The wipes claim to be cleansing and exfoliating, on the Boots website they are quoted as  

'Soap & Glory Off Your Face™ cleansing cloth face wipes provide 3-in-1 cleansing, toning and skin smoothing for the quick ridding of makeup, dirt, oils and dead cell build-up.'

I havent noticed any exfoliating even if i scrub hard.. they are like normal facewipes (really soft cloths),

they really dont smell nice at all. I think its due to the luxurious smell of the other Soap & Glory products, but these smell chemically. The main thing that gets me is that claim to get make up off, but yet it says on the packet to avoid eyes!! How can they be good at removing make up when lets be honest the hardest thing to remove is eye make up? I cant be bothered with using more than a face cloth to remove make up, sod having to use this for face, then something elese for eyes, its just hassle. So for me these get the thumbs down and i wont buy them again. I'll use the pack up purely because im running low on my Johnsons dry skin wipes. Im sad to say it... Soap & glory missed the boat with these wipes.. *sniff*


  1. You got a bargain with these ones!The scrub looks awesome I need to try it. Im using their face soap right now and im totally in love!

    In regards to the face wipes I got them in the S&G christmas hamper and I actually really liked them. The packaging was different to the ones you have though and if you look on their website they are different from the ones you have (the ones on the site are the same as mine) have you maybe been sent a dupe or an old version?

    anyways great post! :)


    1. Its funny you say that, as i was linking the boots site i noticed that the packaging looked different, might explain the wipes going dry. But im not sure if the smell has changed. ill have to try another pack i guess! :)

  2. ive never tried these soap and glory products but deffo will! nice post! theres my blog link if u wanna check it out, follow back if u like it x


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