Radvent Dec 8th: Creating

My Camera is my main source of Creativity, Some times i take photos that i CANT believe i took.
I get so happy that I have the oppourtunity to take peoples photos, and create happy memories for them. ♥

I always have my camera on the shelf in my lounge, in easy reach. I always have cameras on display, old vintage ones which i admire. One of them is over a hundred years old!!!!! I cant believe i own a camera... which is OVER 1-0-0 years old! amazing. proper vintage!

(A selection of photos i have taken for clients/friends)

One of my favourites being this one-

(My friend when she was Pregnant)

I really enjoyed taking her picture as iwas creating a moment ini time, something that she will never forget, ever. Its something she treasures.

When i was younger i astonished myself in Art quite a lot of times, i was amazingly good at copy drawing. I would find a picture or cartoon and just copy it, usually it turned out almost the same.
I learnt many different techniques in art and some, which i still have in my sketch books, i still look at and think 'wow i did that!'

My creativity is what i love most about myself.

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