Radvent Dec 7th: Playing!

This has to be the best topic ever.

My favourite game as a child has to be playing 'Make believe' games, like:

Teachers: involved begging for a new note pad so you could make a register.
Mum & Dads: Playing with my Mini Mouse pram, usually putting my little brother in it..
Hospitals: Making bandages out of toilet roll, and using my fisher price Doctor kit.
Roomies: Just generally pretending to be other 'Older' people that were on Neighbours or other soaps... ha

I spent a lot of time at my grandparents, so i played with the local neighbourhood kids, Alan, Francesca and Peter. Alan was my bestest friend ever known him since i was 3 years old.
Every weekend was spent with him, i would wake up, get ready have breakfast as quick as possible get dressed and run/skip/cycle/roller skate down to his house :)

We spent the weekends, riding our bikes round the street, or at the BMX track, we would roller skate (even though the road was too rough so it was kinda too bumpy) Or Lie in the Skate board and roll down the hill as fast as we could. I even have a scar on my left eyebrow from where i crashed on my bike and skidded face first on the pavement! OUCH! i cried.... alot.

I was a very imaginative child, i could make a game out of any situation. My imagination was the source of fun, i was inventive, fun, slightly odd. i.e Play games by my self alot, just pretending there was other people there....... yep..... Odd child. ha!

Favourite things involved going to the local news agents to get some of these, and have plane races! Me and Alan used to love making them and trying to get them just right so they wait effortlessly float across his garden...

(I bought this today from the toyshop over the road from me, its magical in there, they sell all the toys i played with when i was little - Playmobile, Silvanian families, Lego etc!)

Another regular Game was to build a Den, usually out of blankets, and we would try to support it between sofas or armchairs, use a table as a support. Anything so that we could climb inside and pretend we were camping, or in an igloo, or anywhere out little 8yr old imaginations would take us.

(These are the toys i bought today, i spent 75p!!! next to nothing. Used to keep me busy for hours, kids nowadays just dont have the imagination we used to...)

I remember the days when a cereal box used to keep my happy for hours, the trick was.....
Sneak into the kitchen - get a cereal box/porridge box - carefully remove inner packet and place back into the cupboard - sneak off with said cereal box - get scissors and make a little Shop, or town or house from the box... it still devastates me to this day when my grandma threw out my little Fish and chip shop i made, it has chairs and tables and everything! *sniff* haha

Childhood photos

(School bike race - check out the 2 wheels, no stabilisers!)

(On Holiday in Majorca with Nan, loved that Seal teddy!)

(Barbie House! - One of my fav toys!)

(My porky little baby brother inside my Mini Mouse Pram! hehe)

My bedroom

I played with my 25p mini Pinball at work today whilst on the phone, quite fun to try and score 500. Keeps ya busy!

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