Radvent Dec 14th : Reading

I love Reading, always have.

I find less time to read 'books' now though, i spend more time reading Blogs and looking at peoples photos.

I do have a lot of books though, and they mean alot to me. I would never throw a book away, regardless of what it is. I aim to have a huge collection of books on all subjects so that one day i can have a Library style room, purely for chilling out :)

I always remember having a selection of books when i was younger, used to love my Disney Annuals (they were originally my dads! - vintage books at a young age!) Loved Rupert the Bear annuals. Post man pat story book, I am 5 (arts crafts fun book), Benny the bear (came with a yellow teddy and a story tape!)

(My Little Mermaid book, original 1980's!)

My favourite book was & is - Patrick goes to bed. author Geoffrey Heyes - 1983.
I have this booked in storage with other old toys etc
I was trying to find it on Amazon to show the cover, but couldnt find any artwork....
BUT - the books on sale on there for ... *cough splutter* £150 !!!! WoW
my little 23 year old book is worth all that!!! - ii cherish it even more now :)
So that kinda ruined my plans to buy a copy for mum for xmas... dang!

(My Arty books & Japanese phrase books ♥)

(Shelf with a selection of books)

My comfy place to read is either : Bed, Bath or snuggled on the arm chair with a cozy blanket.

(See told you i did some reading)

I managed to fit in about 20 mins of reading this evening, i read: 'The short life of bree tanner' - and eclipse novella. I just cant get into it though, i LOVE the Twilight series, but this ones just been sat on my shelf since July and i only read half of it since then! argh - its my mission to get it finished!

(Some craft books, and randoms that Santa gave me)

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