Radvent - 3rd December: Writing

(My paper supplies / stickers / Notebooks)


  • I love stationary.
  • I love writing everyday.
  • Nothing makes me more Happy than receiving a hand written letter.
I have decided I'm not going to write a letter to myself. I don't know what to write, i don't like very much about myself at the moment i already know that-

  • I'm working 2 jobs, and putting all i have got into them.
  • I need more time, more time at home, more time to be ME!
  • I want more freedom, more creativity in my life.
  • I'm Dieting to lose weight for the wedding.
One thing i know is that i seem to be doing alot, but not getting much out of it. I don't feel satisfied with my life at the moment. I want, i need... why do i have to want and need things... ? Why cant i just be Happy with what i have right now. I have My Youth, I'm only 23. yes ONLY 23.
Its the beginning of my adulthood really, not the middle, just the beginning.

I can do more, i can do my photography, i can write and be more creative with my life, i would love to look back in a years time and think, WOW Georgia you have made a change.

I would love to think, i have made some changes and made my life even MORE amazing!
I will be married~!!! - be looking forward to our first Christmas as a Wife! Its exciting times. ♥

I suppose this ended up as a letter or more a motivational speech and a bit of a vent...

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