Radvent Dec 11th: Dreaming

♦ What is your personal dream? ♦

I sometimes dream of being a photographer, fully fledged have my own studio, taking peoples photos everyday, making them Happy. But then again i dont want to ruin a hobby byu turning it into a 'Job'. I love doing art and crafts, and secretly would like to do some kind of art and craft club for kids. I think that too many people let there kids sit in front of a tv or computer console and not actually iteract with them. A parent and child craft centre would be a dream. Probably one i will let go of, as i dont think i have the funds or the determination at the moment.

♦What would happen if your dream come true?♦

It would help me to make people feel amazing about them selfs, taking photos of them and showing them how beautiful they are!
Or by doing Arts and crafts it would give children who have a lot of potential to show it off in a way that keeps them entertained and keeps there brain busy by doing something worth while not something thats pointless.

♦Have you ever had a dream come true?♦

I havent yet, but i had a few dreams within the last few months that were kind of wierd.
I dreamt that me and mike had a baby, the strange part of the dream was that i could smell, the baby, see it, all its features, it had dark hair, mikes nose, it was a boy... (?) surreal dream.
I believe that this is something that will happen one day, but not for a while! :)
(dont panic dad if your reading this, you have a few years yet before your a grandparent! ha)

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