Radvent Dec 13th: Beginning

♦ Have you ever quit something without regret?♦

Yes, Yes i have! - about 2-3 years ago i quit eating meat, and i have never looked back, i dont regret it one teensy bit. I feel happy and Positive about it. Yeah sure, it was sorta hard work at the beginning when you were stuck for going out to eat. But now a few years on im less fussy in the vegetable department and i eat pretty much everything. (Im not so kean on Milk, but im getting back into it gradually)

♦ New begininings♦

Im starting something new at the moment, im on a diet, im not by any means eating as healthy as i should, but im excising ready for the Wedding Next year. I just want to be healthy, thats the main thing. Ill also Be getting Married next year, so thats one BIG new beginning.

I always look for new oppourtunitys, but, im thinking that in the new year im going to do some craft classes at my local centre. They look fun, i need to be more creative as it makes me happy.
I have learnt to not offer help to, too many people anymore as i think i get taken for granted, people dont help me as much as i offer/help them.

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