Radvent Dec 4th: Forgiveness


I have never really forgotten the following:

  • The time my mum threw my Forever friends plate accross the lounge in an argument with my Step dad..
  • The time we moved house and my box of Lego disappeared - i.e mum threw it away.
  • The time my dad chased me up the stairs to take my dummy off me when i was about 3, it really scared me.
  • When Mum took Demon to the vets and he ended up being put to sleep, i never got to say goodbye :(
  • When i babysat for my mums friend and something bad happened to me.
  • When a collegue /friend said my photography was crap and i over charged.
I find it hard to forgive. I notice now most are to do with my mum, the one person i love unconditionally i seem to have the most hang ups about.

Its really pointless me keep thinking about them really, they have no effect on my life now, with exception to the photography one, i dont need poisonous people in my life, and i cut them out.

(Been mostly snowy here lately)

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