Radvent: Dec 2nd - Organising

So.... Organising.

I love to Organise Events, and outfits, and stuff in my home. Apart from, I'm not that good at it.
I mean, it works for me most of the time, except it doesn't always work for my Fiance.

I have a tendency to tidy up, organise and then lose things..... oops.

I have always been someone who hoards things useless things, like rail tickets, cinema tickets, tags off clothing that look slightly Funky.

A while back i started to organise my home a bit better as it was getting ridiculous. I chucked out TONS of crap, like paperwork, magazines, cosmetics that were out of date or i would never use.
Then we both set to clearing out our wardrobes, we both have a double wardrobe and a chest of drawers. We managed to clear that many clothes, that now we share one of the drawer units, each have half a drawer (there are 3 drawers in total). We had a mountain of clothes that we charity shopped, chucked away or sold at a boot sale. (I forgot to take photos! damn!)

I have blogged this befoire, but this is a few things i have done to organise or pretty things up-

Lately the thing thats kept me organised ..... Technology!

You gotta ♥ a Black berry!

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