Radvent Dec 15th: Recieving

(Loot from xmas 2009)

Im really good at giving things to people, whether its presents, my time, my listening to their problems, giving advice, Giving them a hug, a kiss to say thank you etc

But im not so good at people saying thank you to me, i get over come with being nevous inside, its like Ok.... i know its coming, also i always have to over explain myself when i give them a gift, i cant just say i bought this as i thought of you, i have to really explain it, ahhh it makes me look an idiot. haha

Today i graciously recieved :
  1. A cup of tea made by my collegue
  2. a cup of tea made by my manager
  3. Help with some work
  4. Being told i didnt need to work tonight at pizza hut - (BONUS WOO!)
  5. A christmas card from my grandparent in france.
I love buying presents and im learning to say thank you and not being embarressed.

For example: Last Xmas

We recieved £200 as an xmas present from the inlaws, i gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug to say thank you, and obviously told her she really shouldnt have.

we recieved £50 as an xmas present from my sister inlaw to be, She also got a hug and a kiss.
(We were so grateful)

My Nan bought me some Irregular choice Shoes and Bag as an early xmas present (to wear when i get married) she got big Thanks!!!

Im loving these, i love them like my lungs love air.

It does kinda get my goat when people arnt grateful when i offer to help them, or give them a gift, for example i gave a wedding gift to a friend and never got a thank you, let alone a thank you card... some people... tsk tsk!

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