Radvent Dec 17th: Entertaining

Oooooh this is a good radvent prompt!

I love to entertain, well i love the idea of it, i do get a bit panicky that everything needs cleaning two or three times. I constantly am scrutinising my place thinking, 'oh god, i hope they don't notice that shelf's slightly wonky', or ' i hope they don't notice that dog hair on the sofa'
What the heck, most the time i panic about the place, and people say 'Oh your place is so lovely, it makes me think mine look horrible' (insert confused face here) :-/


I would like to have a girly party just a few close friends watch some movies, have soft drinks, snacks and just chat and have a good time. I dont do it often as i dont really get the time.

Here's to hoping i can actually get the time to do it, watch this space!

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