Radvent Dec 12th: Procrastinating

(Last Xmas whilst staying at mums playing on Laptop wasting time, not doing important things)

Well, this is a perfect title, pretty much sums me up!!!

Procrastination is something i do frequently, im actually embarressed to say it, but i put things off All the time, then i usually forget to do it. I have a terrible memory it worries me sometimes!

For example, today i put off - Cleaning the bathroom, cleaning bedroom, taking dogs on a longer than usual walk, writing xmas cards out for work, take rubbish bags out.

There are so many things i want to do in my flat, but i always end up starting, then thinking 'actually ill do that another day - when i have more time' ... More time??? all i end up doing is watching tv, or going online! lazy cow i am!

Funny thing is, nothing but good things would happen if i tackled all the tasks i have at home, if i actually got them out the way i would be so much happier, for example -

Our hallway cupboard is crammed full of- xmas tree, xmas decorations, suitcases, D.I.Y stuff, board games, junk, junk and more junk. Because of this our Dyson vacuum live in our very small hallway. If me and mike got in the cupboard cleared out the junk, put more shelving in there etc we could fit the dyson in there, and other things like the Aircon unit from the Lounge...

Oh and another thing, our old microwave which is in the New microwaves box on the chair in the kitchen, has been there for about a month now and we still havent taken it to the Dump!
(thats not really my fault though as i dont drive so i cant take it there..)

I am good enough already. but i need to get somethings done. Im going to set a realistic goal and give myself until Jan 4th to do the following:

  • Clear Hallway cupboard as much as possible (ill post before and after pics!)
  • Get rid of Old microwave
  • Clear out / find a place for Avon rep paperwork
  • Throw away box of old cleaning prioducts that are behind the sofa and put paint pots in a safe place away from the dogs.
  • Clear clutter from behind arm chair in corner of lounge.
I have quite a few more things i want to actually do, but im not going to push myself yet! ha

I do push myself sometimes and make myself do things, thats only if i have had to set a reminder on my Blackberry to 'remind' myself...

Ah well... i wont be too hard on myself, i do work 2 jobs, have 2 dogs, a Fiance and have to run our home's day to day jobs!

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