Radvent Dec 9th: Inspiring

'Ask someone you love to show you what inspires them'

I asked a couple people i love what inspires them, I asked Mike what inspires him, and his answer was Matt Hayes a famous Fisherman......
Reason being he inspired him to go out and push him self to fish, try new tactics, uip his game and catch bigger fish, etc.

I also asked a few people: 'What have i done to inspire them' -

My Nan said :
'By getting yourself another job its an inspiration as you are trying to better yourself, and by going out your way to work 2 jobs your going to get the things you want in life.

My Mum said:
'Your kindness and determination is an inspiration as you always help people, and go out your way and have the motivation to get what you want.'

Mike Said:
'Your Phototgraphy inspires me as your so passioinate about it that it makes me Happy that you get motivated to do something you Love.'

5 Things that Inspire me

  1. IKEA - It inspires me to make my Home, a Home. To make it a somewhere that im proud of, and Happy to be in.
(The Lounge partially completed)

2. Nature - It inspires me to be free. To be at one with my thoughts and remember that, i can do anything that i want to do.

(Blue Bells in a wood near to my town)

3. My Grandparents - Both sets of them inspire me to work hard to give myself a good future, so that when i have children, or retire i can travel or just live comfortably.

4. Meg from Whatever Blog Inspires me all the time, She inspires me to be an incredible mother when i have children. To be there 24/7, to be loving, creative, and someone my children will look up to and be inspired by.

5. Love - it inspires me and makes me feel warm, Love makes you feel complete, makes you feel like NOTHING else matters. All you need is love.

I had a very inspirational day today, went out with my Nan, Mum and Younger sister, we went to Ikea in southampton to pick up some Xmas supplys, i feel full of inspiration and motivation to get some stuff sorted in my Flat this weekend. I want to de-clutter, tidy, clean, re-arrange, sell some old stuff. So much to do! so little time, as its mikes birthday sunday! woo

Until tomorrow, good night!

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