Radvent Dec 5th: Rocking out!

Music is what makes me Happy, sometimes Sad, but sad in a good way ;-)

My Year in music would mainly consist of the following:

  • Hot N Cold - Katy Perry - She is my girl crush.... LOVE her music.
  • Summerboy - Lady Gaga - Shes amazing! - makes me realise you can be what ever or who ever you want to be
  • Pack Up - Eliza doolittle - Lovin the bouncy happy tune
  • Fascination - Alphabeat - HAPPY TUNE!!! love the lyrics to this, is a sing-a-long when your in a happy mood.
  • Lily Allen - Blue sky - this is one of muy absolute favourite tunes, it makes me so happy when i hear it i get a bit of a spring in my step!
  • Monaco - what do you want from me? - this is a really good indie track, love Monaco reminds me of when i was growing up.
  • Move Mania - Sash! - Moviiinnngg, were living in a move mania! moving people thats what we arrrrrre... good dancy track.
Ha - most the tracks are lovely happy tracks, i guess i have had a really Happy year... its gone bloody quick i know that one, cant BELIEVE its nearly 2011 !!! WoW!!

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